Training Session @ Health Tech Aragon

Training Session @ Health Tech Aragon

NTTDATA has participated in the health technology program “Health Tech Aragon” presenting DeepHealth project. This program seeks to discover and accelerate health projects (medical devices, diagnostic technologies, and therapeutics and e-Health applications) that will have a differentiated value proposition or that solve a real market need.
Specifically, NTTDATA facilitated a session on disruptive technologies in the scope of health. In this session, the objective was to reflect on the meaning of disruption in the Health environment and review the most disruptive current technologies and their impact and applicability in the sector.

From this perspective, not only was the potential of technologies such as Big data, Artificial Intelligence or augmented reality explained, but we also had the opportunity to explain and delve into them through some of the innovation projects in which NTTDATA is currently working on.

One of these projects was DeepHealth, and from NTTDATA we had the opportunity to explain the objectives, the expected results and the impact that the adoption of the EDDLL and ECVL libraries combined with the exploitation of HPC can exert on the development of health applications, linked to digital health image data.

The discussion derived in the conclusion that, these technologies have enormous potential to transform the healthcare industry. There is still a long way to go in terms of how these technologies will be available to a broader audience and integrated into daily clinical routine, but it is also true that gradually, European industry is taking its call to make this happen.

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