DeepHealth Kick off Meeting

DeepHealth Kick off Meeting

The DeepHealth project held its kick-off meeting on 16 and 17 January 2019. The meeting was hosted by everis, the Project Coordinator, at their headquarters in Madrid, Spain. The meeting was attended by the 21 Consortium members, with 56 participants.

The DeepHealth project, funded from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme, tackles real needs of the health sector with the aim to facilitate the daily work of medical personnel and related IT experts in terms of image processing and the use and training of predictive models. Its main goal is to put HPC computing power at the service of biomedical applications and through an interdisciplinary approach, apply Deep Learning and Computer Vision techniques on large and complex biomedical datasets to support new and more efficient ways of medical diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of diseases.

This meeting provided a great starting point for the project, where partners had the opportunity to come together for the first time, find out more about each other’s role and expertise, discuss ideas for the project and lay the foundation for the upcoming cooperation within the three years of the project.

The two days of the meeting were devoted to review the project objectives, overall management concepts and sessions organized to present the different work packages and plan the activities for the next months. A working session was also held for setting up the teams and discussing the immediate actions towards the definition of the project use cases and requirements.  The meeting ended with a workshop session with the objective to understand better and through a creative technique partner’s expectations, main risks foreseen, and better ways to collaborate.

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