DeepHealth at HiPEAC Conference

DeepHealth at HiPEAC Conference


DeepHealth was represented by different partners at the HiPEAC conference, the largest European forum for computer architecture and computing systems research and development.

HiPEAC (High Performance and Embedded Architecture and Compilation) is the major point of focus for networking, dissemination, training, and collaboration activities in Europe for researchers, industry, and policy related to computing systems, with more of 2,000 specialists. HiPEAC held its annual conference in Bologna from 20-22 January, that included this year the workshop “HeLP-DC: Heterogeneous and Low-Power Data Center technologies”, where DeepHealth contributed with two different talks. Monica Caballero presented the Project, its main objectives, goals, expected impact, the current status as well as collaboration opportunities. Jose Flich from UPV presented the project approach to energy-efficient distributed training. Jose Flich was also invited to present DeepHealth HPC aspects in another technical workshop during the conference. 

As part of the conference, other different activities were developed as the poster session that also shown information about DeepHealth, as well as tutorials, special sessions and an industrial exhibition.

HiPEAC was a great opportunity to interact with researchers, academics, professional students and other groups of interest to disseminate the cross-cutting activities that are being developed in Deephealth. HIPEAC served DeepHealth partners Monica Caballero from everis, project coordinator, Jose Flich from UPV and Mario Aldinucci from University of Torino,  to discuss and promote DeepHealth ideas, approaches and outcomes; and  show the progress that DeepHealth is making in the process of exploiting Deep Learning and HPC technologies for biomedical applications.

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