DeepHealth as a BDVA success use-case of AI in Healthcare

DeepHealth as a BDVA success use-case of AI in Healthcare

The Big Data Value Association (BDVA) launched the first BDVA Whitepaper on AI in Healthcare, a publication in which the DeepHealth project is presented as a successful use-case in the application of AI-based technologies to Boost Biomedical Applications for Health.

The first BDVA Whitepaper on AI in Healthcare aims to provide policy makers with the information they need to realise the full potential of AI in the Health sector, taking into account the projects already underway in this area and the experience of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The WhitePaper includes a series of illustrative success use-cases developed in the framework of European funded projects focused on AI applied in the Health domain. For that, a selection was made among the wide variety of existing projects, to present some recent use-cases coming from projects from the BDVA community. The DeepHealth project was identified as an on-going project providing two different kind of success use-cases: on the one hand, the development of the DeepHealth toolkit, European technology offering deep learning and computer vision capabilities adapted to exploit HPC and cloud infrastructures; οn the other hand, two of DeepHealth use-cases addressing patient’s lifestyle and health researchers needs.

This publication has been produced by the BDVA Working group 7, health subgroup on Healthcare, and has been supported by the Deephealth partners everis and WINGS ICT Solutions. The work is based on different surveys and workshops, the analysis of the key areas for AI in Healthcare, and the challenges to face with the support of avant-garde technology. The Whitepaper, with the aim of providing fundamental recommendations to policy makers, was officially presented during the EBDVF 2020.

Download the full document at the BDVA official website. 

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