DeepHealth 4th Plenary Meeting

DeepHealth 4th Plenary Meeting

The fourth Plenary Meeting of the European project H2020 DeepHealth took place from all over Europe! All partners participated virtually to a 2-days well-structured online meeting organized by EVERIS and UPV. The scope of the meeting was to keep up the good work despite COVID-19 outbreak and challenges, review the ongoing activities and outcomes, plan for the next steps and finalize the preparation of the 1st DeepHealth review to take place in September 2020.

In this context all WP leaders provided a brief overview of the status of the work performed over the last months, the risks and the challenges they face in each WP as well as the next steps.

A pilots working session was organized to allow use case involved partners to discuss on the status of all the activities enabling the start of pilots in August 2020 including aspects such as Status of Data, Status of agreements / ethical aspects and Status of platform adaptations. The impact of COVID-19 to these activities, the roadmap for the first months of the pilot and the preparation actions for the review were also raised in this session.

Testing & evaluation working session focused on identifying synergies between use cases and HPC results (FPGA – Cloud). The idea was to analyze what use-cases could benefit from these results and what are the potential constraints in terms of e.g., sharing data/models among partners, evaluating how HPC-related infrastructure could be used to speed-up use case training and/or inference, etc.  

2 more sessions took place in order to update partners on a) the collaboration of the DeepHealth and DataBench project and the benefits of using DataBench toolbox as well as on b) the external Advisory Board feedback about the next steps of the project.

The exploitation workshop aimed at refining the strengths of the DeepHealth tools comparing to available commercial tools as well as positioning the DeepHealth tools in the market in terms of value proposition.

The meeting concluded with the dissemination and communication plans of the next months followed by the discussions on the videos to be prepared and created for the forthcoming review and for demonstrating the use and the value of the DeepHealth tools. Demos for showcasing successful use cases facilitated by the partners enhancing their platforms with the EDDL and ECV libraries were also discussed and decided.

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