Hackathons for testing and setting-up first version of libraries

Hackathons for testing and setting-up first version of libraries

During the months of confinement due to the COVID-19 outbreak, DeepHealth teams have continued working on the development of the project, remotely and collaboratively to achieve the planned objectives.

To move forward with project planning, different groups of DeepHealth researchers and developers are taking part in a series of working sessions in the form of workshops and hackathons organized to complete different tasks and reach different goals within the DeepHealth project related to the DeepHealth toolkit and its technical evaluation.

Up to now, three sessions were held (the 21st of May, second on fourth of June and the third on 18th of June) with different objectives.

First session focused on teaching how to install, configure and use the libraries developed in the project. It was shown how to prepare and test a complete pipeline (with EDDLL and ECVL) with the Pneumothorax use case.

Second session focused on presenting some pipeline execution results by partners and the presentation of the DeepHealth toolkit back-end and front-end.

Third session focused on HPC and cloud development, presenting how distributed training works on different partners’ infrastructures and technologies.

These internal hackathons are being fruitful to validate current developments and share them among partners and will be continued extending their scope to other aspects of the project.

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