Coffee Meeting with the EAB members

Coffee Meeting with the EAB members

A successful discussion with external experts that led to proposals and suggestions for enriching the project.

In February, a Coffee Meeting was held with the members of the External Advisory Board of DeepHealth, in which the status of the project was presented in its different sections by several of the consortium members, in order to gather questions and queries from the EAB, whose current members are Aurelia Bustos, Marco Danelutto and Massimo Piccardi.

Through these discussions, a number of recommendations and suggestions emerged to incorporate into the development of the project and enrich its results.

At the opening of the session, Monica Caballero, project coordinator, provided a high-level overview of the project, followed by Jon Ander, Technical Manager, who explained the technical goals of DeepHealth.

Different questions about the EDDL and ECVL libraries were raised, as well as the toolkit, related to training, design, maintenance and technologies, in which Constantino Grana and Jon Ander intervened. The use cases and platforms were also subject to analysis, with the aim of achieving better implementation.

The presentation on the exploitation and dissemination of the project was carried out by Cristina Muñoz and Aimilia Bantouna, to close the day with a round of final remarks.

Thanks to the feedback provided by the EAB members, improvements were implemented in the processes and deliverables of DeepHealth in order to boost its final value contribution.

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