DeepHealth at the forum on AI’s future in Europe

Helsinki hosted the annual central event of the European Big Data and AI communities, in which highly distinguished speakers from industry, Research and policymakers shared their views on the transformative power of AI and Big Data.

DeepHealth project participated in the EBDVF2019 in the Session “Big Data –HPC” chaired by Maria S. Perez (UPM) on the 15th October with the presentation: “Heterogeneous HPC Computing in the DeepHealth Project”. The coordinator of DeepHealth, Monica Caballero from everis, provided an introduction of the project to the audience, explaining its key facts, the aim and goals of DeepHealth and the expected results. After that, Jose Flich from UPV deeped the technical issues, talking about the different HPC related activities, including the types HPC systems and infrastructures in production, and those that will  be deployed. The DeepHealth computing infrastructure including HPC and big-data cloud-based resources was explained, as well as programming models.

The European Big Data Value Forum 2019 (EBDVF2019) is organized by the Big Data Value Association (BDVA) in collaboration with the European Commission, a three-days session that in previous editions had gathered on average every year around a 600 industry professionals, business developers, researches and policy makers from 40 different countries. The theme of this flagship event was “Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Transforming Business and Society” (Opportunities, Risks, Governance, Partnerships and Investments). In addition to participating in this session, the BDVA stand had information from DeepHealth, making the leaflet of the project available to its visitors.

During the days of the event, different scenarios were revealed, such as the one that benefiting from the advantages of AI requires connecting Research with the needs of industries. The EBDVF2019 featured speakers such as Roberto Viola (DG Connect, European Commission); Ilona Lundström (DG at Ministry of Employment and the Economy of Filand) and Carl-Chrsitian Buhr (Digital Economy & Society European Commission), as well as other prominent speakers representing different stakeholders. The impact of Artificial Intelligence was addressed in various fields such as the Public Sector, Smart Cities, Energy and Healthcare, and other topics discussed for example were the challenge of personal data management and EU policies in relation to these transformative technologies, to complete a broad Analysis the Innovation Ecosystem.

DeepHealth is the project that join a large and heterogeneous number of partners to bring solutions based on the state-of-the-art technology to the Health sector. With the objective of providing new ways for the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of diseases, DeepHealth will offer a unified framework based on Deep Learning techniques that will enhance European-based medical software platforms, to develop biomedical applications.

More information and image gallery on the EBDVF2019 website.

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