Digital Government Congress 2019

Digital Government Congress 2019

September 19th, 2019.- On September 17 and 18 the Digital Government Congress was held, a reference discussion forum in the field of digital administration.

Deep Health: Context, objectives and outcomes

The DeepHealth project was presented by its coordinator, Monica Caballero (everis) and María de la Iglesia (FISABIO), under the title “Artificial Intelligence, HPC and Data-Lakes to promote new biomedical applications”.  In the presentation they were presented the key facts of the project its aims and objectives, the developments and expected results, the strategy and procedures for the creation of data-lakes, and how all of these was planned to be used for the study of lumbar pathology. Emphasis was made on how DeepHealth innovations will allow to extract relevant knowledge from current databases of medical images from public institutions and exploit it for the benefit of institutions and the society. The presentation served to disseminate the DeepHealth project among a highly specialized public, and highlight the work that is being developed to link technological innovation to the improvement of biomedical applications.

More about the Digital Government Congress 2019 event:

During two days, all projects and initiatives that seek a digital transformation of the dynamics, processes and forms of work of public organizations were highlighted. The working days were divided into seven thematic axes articulated around the challenges in public administrations: digital government, cultural change, digital trust, infrastructure, digital identity, advanced technologies and proactive public services. The event had more than 1,400 participants, 150 speakers and 80 round table sessions.

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