DeepHealth 3rd Plenary Meeting

DeepHealth 3rd Plenary Meeting

The third Plenary Meeting of the European project H2020 DeepHealth took place at the headquarters of the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, where the activities developed were reviewed, continuing with the progress in different working sessions and planning the next steps, with the aim of the next review in June

DeepHealth is the European project to improve medical diagnoses and treatments through medical imaging using High Performance Computing with Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. This initiative coordinated by everis involves 22 partners from 9 EU member countries, who met on January 15th and 16th in Valencia to update the status of the project and share relevant information about the project. On the first day, a series of technical workshops on the different work packages were held, which served for the technology partners to interact and discuss the specific progress of each area. The following day was reserved for plenary sessions that included the general review of the project status, management and exploitation aspects and preparation of the next review, and working sessions focused on the preparation of use cases, dissemination activities, ethical aspects in relation to the use of data, closing the agenda the General Assembly of partners.

UPV hosted this event that served to check the progress of the different elements of the DeepHealth toolkit, such as the open source libraries, the EDDL and the ECVL, and the dedicated front-end. The role and tasks of the partners involved in each use case were also determined, which will facilitate the coordination tasks, and the first guidelines for the implementation of data-lakes for biomedical applications were set.

The project will have its first checkpoint in June by the European Commission, and will serve to validate the progress and strengthen the potential of this initiative that will have a direct impact at European level in the Health sector, as well as in other industries thanks to the development of these technological areas linked to Artificial Intelligence.


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